Core Values
We ensure that we conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.  
We strive to fix larger systemic economic problems and empower our children to live a better life through our effective initiatives.  
While we are pursuing something important that will have positive change in the country, we will always do it well and with a spirit of Excellence. We ensure that everyone that is linked to the GoodLife brand is cultivated and trained in the spirit of Excellence  
We will continue to collaborate with other agencies and partners in their community to ensure that the children in our community are positively impacted.  

GLF attempts to provide nutritional meals to as many disadvantaged beneficiaries as possible in the Durban and Greater area. Donations both in cash and kind are appreciated by GLF as we attempt to provide both school meals and food hampers for impove

GLF aims to create positive change by engaging our young beneficiaries in Positive Lifestyle Awareness talks and activities through our volunteer  wellness experts. By creating awareness of healthier activities and possibilities GLF aims to enco

GLF creates Positive Lifestyle Awareness with the hope of encouraging beneficiaries to make positive choices that benefit them in the long term by preventing teen pregnancy and HIV-AIDS infection in young people in the province. GLF believes in a Pre

Our Mission   Committed to improving the quality of life regardless of race , creed, culture or religion. Our HIV AIDS initiative is to foster awareness and to reduce the incidene of HIV among South Africans. To facilitate this we ha

Goodlife Foundation appreciates any donation you make that will change the lives of people.  Account Holder :     Goodlife Foundation Bank :   Absa Account :